How to care and clean your vacuum robot cleaner

clean vacuum robot

The robovacs are very effective machines that have facilitated the domestic cleaning tasks to many people in the world. However, like any other type of machine, they need cleaning and maintenance in order to continue working, let’s not say longer extend its useful life. In this they do not differ from traditional vacuum cleaners, although cleaning them is a less complicated job than before.

Start by reading the robovac´s user guide. Also you can read about most important robot vacuum accessories.Try to disassemble and reassemble correctly the components of your robot in the cleaning process. Make sure that your floor is ready for your robovac to clean it. Leaving newspapers, toys and carpets folded isn´t a good idea.

Most robovacs have a garbage container that fills up very easily. It´s correct that preferably after each cleaning session you remove it from the robot and clean all the garbage that is there, either with a brush or washing it with water and then leave it drying. You should also make sure that the filters are clean at all times so they can continue to work properly.
In most cases the manufacturer recommends not using water to clean the filters. It is preferable to use a special powder brush, or, failing that, to clean it manually by shaking the filter. If you don´t clean the filters regularly, they will work harder to filter out dirt and dust, preventing the unit from picking up debris efficiently. Neither should you use the robot to vacuum on wet surfaces. From time to time, it is even possible that you should change the filters so that the robot keeps working well.

Front wheels clogged with hairs and debris can damage the ground. Therefore it is recommended first, firmly remove the front wheel of the robot, then clean any debris that may have inside, and then remove all hairs that may be threaded on the shaft. After completely cleaning the wheel, put it back on the robot. You shouldn´t wash them with water, instead you should use the same powder brush.

Regarding the side brushes, Roomba recommends cleaning them once a week. After removing them with a small screwdriver or coin, rinse them lightly with warm water. After the brush dries, reinstall it. Be sure to only submerge the brush threads.
Also, the main brush must also be cleaned. To remove it, you must first unlock the bar on its upper left side and then lift it gently. Any hair or large powder in this brush should be removed.
Generally, the robovac sensors are located in the front and back. They are designed to act as eyes that detect obstacles, edges, and so on. Roomba recommends cleaning the sensors and their ports with a clean, dry cloth. In case a vacuum cleaner robot is stuck under a sofa or bed, do not pull it directly because it could end up breaking or damaging the sensors. That is why it is recommended to raise the bed or the sofa, with which the robot can restart its work.

Be sure to be careful with the maintenance of the battery if you want to extend its life cycle, because batteries are the most expensive spare part of a robot. For example, you can activate a “vacation mode” that leaves the robot inactive for a while if you aren´t using it. You should also clean the charging contacts of the battery with a dry cloth.

In short, caring for and maintaining a robovac, although it may seem complicated, is simpler than cleaning a traditional vacuum cleaner.


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