What is the best robot vacuum cleaner model to your apartment?

vacuum robot for appartments

We have already explored the essential factors to buy the best model of robovac for you. Today we are going to delve into one of these factors: what is your home. Specifically, this article is written for people living in an apartment, whether large or small, and looks for a robot vacuum cleaner to help them save time in cleaning their home.

Also, these types of robovacs should be specialized in cleaning hard surfaces and carpets, which are the usual feature of apartment floors. One of the advantages these users have is that they shouldn´t worry that their robovac cannot climb stairs, unlike the owners of houses, as the apartments don´t have stairs.

Another advantage of living in an apartment is that the average duration of a robovac battery (60-70 minutes) is enough to completely clean your home.

Here are some of the models of robovacs that I recommend for you:

1) iRobot Roomba 650: this isn´t the most modern or powerful option, but it is a safe and reliable choice. It´s one of the best-selling models on Amazon and the most economically affordable for the quality it offers. At the same time it fits seamlessly to carpet and hardwood, which is very useful if your home has different surfaces to step on. It also gets stuck in the obstacles, making it ideal for small, untidy spaces, like apartments. You can schedule it to clean once a day so simply set it up and forget about it.

2) Neato Botvac D80: if you are looking for a more efficient model when cleaning carpets even if it costs more money, the Neato Botvac D80 is your best option. This model has a more effective spiral brush than other model’s rubber brushes. However, it does have some problems like that small strands can get stuck in the brush. It also has a laser mapping and is smart enough to know when it is running out of power and should be charged. It is also very useful cleaning pet hair.

3) iRobot Roomba 880: this is a more expensive model but if you have the money to pay it, it is the most recommended of the three mentioned here. The new Aeroforce system offers up to 5 times more suction power than previous systems, eliminating 50% more dirt and dust. Almost no maintenance required. The first time you use it may appear to have random and erratic behavior, but in reality after watching it carefully while you work, you find that there is no area left without aspirating. This is possible thanks to the iAdapt navigation system and the Dirt Detect 2 system which detects impurity using optical and acoustic sensors. It also has HEPA filters.

vacuum robot iRobot Roomba 880

If none of these three models satisfies you, there are other alternatives such as Dyson 360 Eye, Neato Botvac D5 or Samsung POWERbot VR 9000. However, what you should keep in mind is the amount of money you can use in buying a new robovac. In the end it is better to buy a cheaper model than to borrow to pay for a more expensive robot whose effectiveness is not proven

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