Five Important Accessories of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

virtual wall for vacuum robot

A robot vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaning device that helps in cleaning and tidying the floors of your room without any stress from your part. This device is modified in such a way that it works just like a manual vacuum cleaner(in fact better).However, this robotic vacuum cleaner has some accessories that enables it to carryout the cleaning activities without stress. Here are five important accessories of a robot vacuum cleaner: 

Virtual Wall

Virtual Wall( also known as Boundary marker) is an accessory of a robot vacuum cleaner. It comes in different sizes and structures for each robot vacuum cleaner. The main function of the virtual wall is to enable the user to have control over where his/her robot cleans. By enabling the virtual wall, your robot works only on the selected rooms and it leaves out the ones you don’t want cleaned. Which means, you can keep your robot within certain boundaries.

The spinning side brush

As we know, the main brush is underneath the robot vacuum cleaner which means it can only cover surfaces beneath it. Here is where the spinning side brushes comes in handy. The side brushes sticks out of the robot vacuum cleaner  to clean spots the underside can’t clean it also spins in such a way that makes  suctioning dirt along corners easy.

spinning side brush vacuum robot


Filters (as the name implies) is an accessory that filters the air to capture dust particles. It helps in maintaining an healthy environment by facilitating the retention of air pollutants such as dust, pollen and other powdery materials which could be harmful if inhaled. The filters need to be replaced occasionally to ensure optimum performance as they can clog up due to absorption of too much dirt which reduces its efficiency.

vacuum robots filter

Spiral blade brush

This is also known as the main brush as it is always found underneath the robot vacuum cleaner. It provides a maximum and deep cleaning and clearing of all dirt particles and debris found on the surfaces of your floor. The brush works hand in hand  with the robot vacuum suction to tidy up dirt and waste products to give you a maximal result.

spiral blade brush vacuum robot


The battery of every robotic vacuum cleaner is always a rechargeable one, which means it can be recharged if used up. The battery enables it to maximise its coverage while the cleaning activity is going on. After a long time of usage it will need to be replace to ensure full maximisation and durability of the robot vacuum cleaner.

battery vacuum robot

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